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Reflecting the rich cultural heritage through its grand architecture, Laxmi Palace welcomes you to a beautifully landscaped arcade – Laxmi Shahi Bagh. With the enchanting views and eye-pleasing arrangements, Laxmi Shahi Bagh forms the entrance of the hotel.

Front Facade of Laxmi Palace with magnificent ambience of Laxmi Shahi Bagh, 10000 sq feet in area is perfectly suited for organizing many outdoor events like wedding Mandaps, musical concerts and more.

The Beautiful arcade Laxmi Shahi Bagh’s stage & chatarius which can be ideal venue for mandaps and wedding performances.

Laxmi Shahi Bagh: Artful blend of natural beauty and exceptional decor

Savour your favorite Whiskey Sours or opt for an assortment of delicious cocktails at bar corridor with the garden.

Enjoy the exceptional multi cuisine experience in open sky baramda restaurant.

Front view of Baramda Restaurant.

Welcome to Laxmi Palace where we assure an ultimate royal experience with many panoramic views and picturesque sceneries.

Enchanting view of Laxmi Shahi Bagh at night is simply majestic and eye-pleasing.

Embedded in a starkly beautiful landscape, Laxmi Palace is dressed in ivory white fortification offering an experience of luxury and elegance. The royal retreat of the palace is encompassed by lush green gardens that is located far away from the city bustle.

Front view of Laxmi Palace. Rich Rajasthani tradition and architecture. A stay with us is nothing less than a luxury where royalty and elegance are supreme!

25th Anniversary

Cocktail Nights