A Paradise of Regal Charm

Embedded in a starkly beautiful landscape, Laxmi Palace is dressed in ivory white fortification offering an experience of luxury and elegance. The royal retreat of the palace is encompassed by lush green gardens that is located far away from the city bustle. Influenced by rich Rajasthani tradition and architecture, Laxmi Group laid the foundation of this exuberant heritage hotel back in January, 2018.



Spreading over 50,000 sq ft, the palace is an impeccable blend of ancient heritage and traditional artwork.  Embracing the royalty within, the palace is a design vocabulary presenting the cultural essence in a way that serves all your royal desires. Whole hotel is encrusted with exquisite motifs and traditional floral patterns in gold and silver. The inheritance of noble Rajasthan is well-preserved in our palatial hotel.  Beautifully carved arches, jharokhas and an open to sky chowk “Baramdah” are all  there to give you an experience of unique Rajasthani culture.

Unlike Any Other

Laxmi Palace is one of the most sumptuous hotels in Jaipur, where we assure an ultimate royal experience with many panoramic views and picturesque sceneries. From a rooftop restaurant and banquet hall to fine dining and luxury rooms, the palace has everything for your lavish desires. With the elegant interior of the palace in attractive color palettes we promise to give an enticing visual delight to our visitors.

A stay with us is nothing less than a luxury where royalty and elegance are supreme!